Our Purpose

Our purpose is to “Make things better, through Lean thinking and practice”

To be a leader-partner in the Lean revolution in management, in Israel and throughout the world. ILE team focuses its expertise on facilitating Lean organizational change processes, in accordance with changing business environments, including:

  • Support for processes of definition of business goals, purpose and vision;
  • Integration of strategy across and throughout the organization, in a systemic change process (Lean Transformation);
  • Focus on core processes and allocation of organizational resources, concomitant with elimination of unnecessary activities (waste) and redesign of the organizational culture.

The ILE team brings leading experts in the integration of Lean applications and offers support throughout the journey towards change, all according to the customer’s needs and timing.  The ILE team has experience in several areas of activity (detailed in the site), and most especially:

  1. LPPD – From Innovation To Market
  2. Lean Healthcare
  3. Lean Startup
  4. Culture, Leadership, Organization Development
  5. Marketing, Business Development
  6. Executive Management Consulting
  7. Lean Construction

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