LNGA stands for Lean New Global Architecture

This concept is designed to meet the growing need to establish a standard for the work shared by the global Lean community, taking into account that the standard must be the result of working together in an open conversation based on the experience of the many.

Our basic assumption is that each and every one of you is a potential Value Creator Architect (VCA).

The VCA system serves as an action-based global experimental laboratory. It is inclusive and open to all who wish to participate, initiate and develop learning. It contains:

LNGA related resources: articles, videos and PowerPoint presentations that will enable us to learn from the vast knowledge created by Lean Thinkers and managers worldwide.

VCA Journal recording Boaz Tamir’s personal journey to reveal the role and responsibilities of the Value Creator Architect, or Chief Engineer, in developing the work standard of the Lean community. In this journal, Tamir will explore the most profound questions regarding the nature of the Lean Activist’s: How can we influence the world faster and more thoroughly? What should be the common language and working procedure of Lean thinkers around the globe? Addressing these questions is necessary in order to make the “product” called “LEAN” a simple, accessible and valuable one; a product that every organization in the world can adopt.