Lean Startup

“Lean Startup,” written by Eric Ries, has become a mandatory manual for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in the United States and Israel, and is beginning to become a significant concept within the Israeli startup community as well.

A Lean initiative presents a way to increase the chances of success while using a minimum of resources and with relatively low dependency on capital necessary to launch the initiative.  Rebuilding an organization provides a wonderful opportunity to design the managerial system “right from the beginning.”  A priori design of the organization as an organization focused on the customer will be much easier than implementing corrective change.  Activities based on Lean principles – such as rapid Plan, Do, Check, Adjust cycles of experiments and learning and involving the customer – enable the young initiative to shorten the process of development and to quickly become a player in the market.  All this can be accomplished while using a minimum of resources, lowering the level of risk, and significantly increasing the probability that the organization will successfully survive its infancy.

The ILE team, together with colleagues in the LGN, serves as a partner in the business aspects of series of startup initiatives, in close consultation and through a definition of the needs of the customer who is undergoing a Lean Transformation.

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