Download Book: Gemba Walks

“Doing Lean means experimenting. The authority of a manager, consultant or supporter flows from experiments on the Gemba [the place where work takes place]. Lean is not a religion but a daily practice of conducting experiments and accumulating knowledge.”

So writes Jim Womack, who, over the past 30 years, has developed a system for walking to the Gemba and has implemented this system in countless companies, based on watching how people work together to create value.

For a decade, he has shared his thoughts and discoveries from these visits with the Lean community in his monthly letters.  In his book, Gemba Walks, Womack selected, added to, and re-edited these letters. ILE are happy to share with you, in Hebrew translation, Jim’s paths of personal discovery, in which he explains organizations and the art of watching them, and we invite you to a reading experience that will provide you with the courage and inspiration for your own personal journey.

Download Jim Womack book Gemba Walks: