Shlomo Migdal

August 10, 2016 • The Team • Boaz Tamir

A senior manager with extensive experience in complex global organizations. Expertise in customer-focused cross-company integration.  Expert in problem-solving methodology and projects designed for Value-Stream Improvement.  Facilitator and consultant to managers and workers in a wide variety of industrial organizations.

Holds a BA in business administration and computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA with expertise in management of technology and systems operations from Tel Aviv University.  In his last position before joining ILE, served as Director-General of HOT TELECOM, and, in his previous position as Deputy Director-General of the HOT group, dealt with customer-focused organizational development and lead cross-company projects for the group.  In the past, managed the settlement of bonds for Barak 013, which allowed the company to successfully merge with Netvision.

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